Red Skies.jpg

Red Skies

"Revenge takes flight"

Driven from her home, labelled an outlaw, and cursed to damnation. Cora Ravenell leads a pirate crew aboard the skyship, White Raven, fighting back against those who framed her for treason and murder. In the months since her daring escape from the capital, Cora's name has become feared by those who serve the Empire.

But Cora's actions have attracted the attention of others. War rages in the south, where rebels fight for their freedom. Joining this rebellion might be Cora's best chance for revenge, if only she can master her new abilities. Rage fuels her, threatening to consume everything she fights for. Only by learning the secrets of channelling can she hope to control her feelings, and harness her true power.

With Laden Fell determined to track her down, and Princess Idella furthering the Empire's plans, an angry, scared girl must become a leader, and make it known to all that she is Lady Raven.